Rapid content entry in ExpressionEngine 2

Today I made an amazing discovery about a nice little feature hidden in the depths of the ExpressionEngine 2 control panel. The ability to create a bookmarklet for rapid content entry.

You can find this magic feature on your 'My account' page in the control panel under 'Channel settings > Bookmarklet'.

My account > Channel settings > Bookmarklet

You can create a bookmarklet here that will basically take any content you have selected in your browser (on any site) and populate the publish form with that content. Obviously it is limited to one field, so you will have to specify which one, but still... it's pretty awesome.

Creating a bookmarklet

Select the default field

Bookmarklet created

Just save the generated bookmarklet as a bookmark and you'll be able to rapidly add any content to your site without the hassle of going through the entire publish menu and all.

This would be a pretty neat addition to a Tumblr style blog to quickly add content to your journal by creating several bookmarklets for different kinds of content. To set up a Tumblr-like blog, have a look at How to Build a Simple Tumblr Blog with ExpressionEngine by Andy Johnson.

Just play around with it and you'll see how easy it actually is.